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Privacy Cleaner

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Version: v1.0.0.5578
Released: 07-Mar-2008
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OSPC” (Online Solutions Privacy Cleaner) is a powerful, yet simple application intended for the removal of users’ confidential information and traces of users’ activities on their computers.

Some files created by the browser and other popular applications often contain confidential information, which can tell a lot about the user. Therefore, if you care about your privacy and would like to protect this information from falling into somebody else’s hands, make sure to clean up your system from time to time - especially if you are an active Internet user.

OSPC: Privacy Cleaner OSPC: Privacy Cleaner OSPC: Privacy Cleaner
Usage examples

This tool can also be helpful for restoring lost passwords stored in the ‘Protected storage’ of the operating system.

OSPC” allows you to remove the traces of your activities in:


Functional capabilities:




The company is currently working on providing full support of these operating systems: