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Complex protection for information systems
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Complex protection
for information systems

Products list

Our company currently offers the following products:

Security Suite: OSSS

Security Suite: OSSS "OSSS" is a complex protection software that includes a new generation proactive defense system and an extremely powerful firewall, and provides complete computer protection against newest hacker attacks, malicious code and rootkits.

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Autorun Manager: OSAM

Autorun Manager: OSAM The "OSAM" autorun manager provides control over all automatically loaded applications on the user’s computer.

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Personal Firewall: OSPF

Personall Firewall: OSPF "OSPF" firewall - provides complex defense of user systems from all security threats.

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Proactive Defense: OSPD

Proactive Defense: OSPD "OSPD", the system of proactive defense - provides the integrity of software environment and blocks the activities performed by malicious code.

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You can also use several small, but handy utilities from our company. For more information, visit the the "Utilities" section.