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Ways to get a free OSSS license

Choose one of the following ways to get a free license for our product Online Solutions Security Suite:

  1. Become an active beta-tester

    Active beta-testers are those who are not indifferent to the evolvement of our company and our products. They participate in bug detection and product testing, as well as invent new useful functionality. Each active beta-tester gets a personal license.

    Applications on participating in beta-testing are welcome at:

  2. Write a review or a report

    If you are an author of a popular blog, you can post a review of our product and tell other users about the ways you use it in your daily work, what you like or dislike in it. If you would recommend our product to your friends and colleagues, it would nice if you presented some reasoning. You can publish a review in your personal blog, on a popular forum or site.

    Before publishing a review, please apply to and provide all the information required.

  3. Publish a link to the product site

    If you own a frequently visited site, you can publish a link to our product or place our banner there. In this case, your license key will be valid as long as the link or banner is on your site.

    We are not interested in links from Web sites with pirated software, hacking tools, etc - adult content, and any type of content that involve copyright infringements.

    If you want to publish a link to our site or place our banner, please, contact us at: Please, provide the URL address of the site an average amount of visitors per day and per month.

  4. Create a video clip

    You can make a demo video clip that illustrates the product usage basics, its advantages and weak points. We are sure that numerous users will appreciate our product. Naturally, you will be granted a free license as reward for your effort.

  5. Provide a new localization

    If you are a native speaker of a language which our product has not been translated into yet, if you are keen on security software, if you are interested in cooperation with our specialists - you can translate the product interface into your mother tongue. This kind of effort is highly appreciated. Besides granting a free license, we will list you among those whose contribution to the product development cannot be overestimated.

  6. Translate the product documentation into another language

    If you are a native speaker of a language which our product documentation has not been translated into yet, if you are keen on security software, if you can structure your ideas and express yourself clearly and briefly - you can translate the documentation on our product into your mother tongue. We highly appreciate this kind of contribution and - besides a free license - our company will grant you a number of bonuses.

  7. Do something helpful for our product or company development

    If you can do something helpful and important for development of our company or our product, just contact us at: and we will consider your proposal. If it turns interesting for us, be sure of getting a free license for our products.

With best regards, Online Solutions Team.