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Change list for OSSS: Security Suite v1.5

  1. Control over process creation and launch has been expanded with the possibility to control command line parameters.
  2. Control over file operations (work with Hard Links, network FS redirectors, file identifiers) has been improved.
  3. Control over active use of potentially dangerous COM-and OLE-objects has been implemented.
  4. Creating rules for controlling security attributes for files and registry keys are now available for users.
  5. The first version of control over managing of services and drivers via SCM has been implemented.
  6. Control over DDE interaction in the system has been improved.
  7. Database engine is upgraded to a new version.
  8. The system log events database has been significantly reworked.
  9. The reliability and operation stableness under lack of resources has been considerably improved.
  10. The generator of memory dumps in case of application errors has been implemented.
  11. The BootScreen modification prevention option has been implemented.
  12. Event suggestions and the set of predefined rules have been significantly improved.
  13. Minor changes to the GUI.
  14. The self-protection module has been considerable improved due to other changes.
  15. Fixed:
    • Sporadic occasional GUI process crash during start, with visual Windows themes being used.
    • Third-party antivirus compatibility problems (Kaspersky Antivirus, Kaspersky Internet Security, Microsoft Security Essentials).
    • Errors in control over DDE interaction blocking opening Windows network neighborhood properties.
    • BSOD related to Mount Manager.
    • Minor issues in the license manager.
    • Issues in synchronization in working with the profile rarely leading to GUI crashes.