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Change list for OSSS: Security Suite v1.2 Beta

  1. A Russian localization of the product has been provided.
  2. Control over application ICMP-requests has been implemented.
  3. Security Master” has been significantly improved.
  4. Support of the NDIS WAN interfaces under Windows Vista and Windows 7 has been implemented. Support for ADSL and ISDN modems has been added. PPPoE- and VPN-connection types have been tested.
  5. Executable files protection has been reworked and improved (our special thanks to beta-testers bluevik and kosjachok):
    • Quotes for analyzed files have been set;
    • The working algorithm under policies different from the “Rules Wizard” mode has been changed, which allowed multiply speed up the work and avoid short-term system freezes;
    • Work under irregular circumstances, such as lack of hard-disk space, prohibitive file rules, has been improved.
  6. Self-protection rules have been improved (our special thanks to beta-tester Alex Olendar).
  7. Visual notification mechanism (alert/popup) has been implemented.
  8. Licensing mechanism has been implemented.
  9. Tooltips in request dialog box has been added.
  10. Fixed:
    • Correct installation of SPTD driver used in CD/DVD emulators Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tools.
    • BSOD in case of subsequent creation of numerous processes.