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Change list for OSSS: Security Suite v1.1 Beta

  1. Support of 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 2008 operating systems has been included.
  2. Security Master” for customizing the system automatically during installation has been added.
  3. Protection against keyboard and mouse control interception has been significantly improved.
  4. Interface of requests has been improved. Formatting and contents of displayed text has been changed. Scrolling in request dialog boxes has been implemented.
  5. In the OSPD (Proactive Defense) module the “Allow Most” policy has been restored.
  6. The possibility to uninstall the program without manual turning off the self security module has been implemented.
  7. Generating rules for installing drivers and services and for working with physical disks has been improved.
  8. The set of predefined rules has been improved.
  9. Fixed:
    • Working with visual themes under Windows XP SP0 with self protection enabled;
    • GUI freeze while working with docking panels in the “Events” tab (special thanks to Denis Porfiryev for reporting the problem).