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Change list for OSSS: Security Suite v0.9 Beta

  1. The set of predefined rules is improved.
  2. ADSL modem (WAN devices) support is included, PPPoE connections are working now. (ISDN WAN devices have not been tested).
  3. DNS cache is included.
  4. Process memory protection is improved.
  5. “Installer Mode” for comfortable programs installation is added.
  6. Windows of event requests became more user friendly and easy to use (it’s the first step of the huge intention to improve appearance and usability).
  7. Added applications icons into request windows, active processes list, network connections list and other places.
  8. Now it is possible to move process to any group from a request window.
  9. Position and size of request windows are automatically saved now.
  10. Behavior of the tray icon commands is improved.
  11. Added “Settings” tab.
  12. Amount of closed sessions in “Network Connections” tab is limited now.
  13. Fixed BSODs:
    • on the computers with network card drivers that use old NDIS v3.x/v4.x interface (not used on modern computers in practice)
    • while virtual drive image mounting using ISODrive (UltraISO)
    • in some rare cases when “Startup and Recovery” settings were written to the registry.
  14. Fixed:
    • the dynamic changes of drive letters were not handled
    • policy settings changed by the system tray were not saved in configuration file (reverting to previous value after system restart).