Company News

Company news

22.10.2007 The first beta version of OSAM: Autorun Manager is released. It can be downloaded here. More... »
26.02.2007 Changing the face of the company: the new corporate identity, the new site design. More... »
22.01.2007 For the testing programme and increasing the speed of software development we get one more office. More... »
14.09.2006 Because of the company growing we have moved into the new office. More... »
01.08.2006 We opened the site to recruit new developers. More... »
16.07.2006 The development of OSPD: Proactive Defense has begun. More... »
01.03.2006 The development of OSPF: Personal Firewall has began. More... »
22.12.2005 The company was established. The first working day in the office. More... »