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OSSS: Security Suite. Third public beta

4 July, 2009

We are glad to inform all our users and interested analysts about the release of the new beta-version of our main product Online Solutions Security Suite!

For two months our team managed to implement several new functions and to significantly improve some already existing features.

The main improvement of the version v1.0 is including of the first version of self protection module (the limited tested version is included currently).

The self protection function is especially important for successful resistance against modern threats, such as various malicious software and rootkits, targeted to counteract the defense systems.

To implement the self protection module we have carried out many researches. Due to flexible architecture of our product, the implementation of the self protection has come out very elegant.

The first experimental version of the heuristic analyser, that allows to classify threats by the risk level, has been included at the version v1.0. In case of activity of trusted applications, some rules are created automatically. This is absolutely new functional, that we are planning to develop and improve. That’s why your suggestions and possible bug-reports are especially important for us.

We have remade and significantly improved the applications groups workflow. We are added the ability to configure various “special” groups. Currently the new system is used for Blocked and Trusted applications groups. In the future we are planning to add some more predefined groups.

Another long-awaited improvement is the update of action request windows interface. Now action request windows look more user-friendly and provide all necessary information for the correct decision by user.

New view of the windows New view of the windows

Concerning the firewall part of our product we have added the ability to view our inner DNS cache. NDIS WAN interfaces support is improved - now ADSL and ISDN modems are supported fully, as well as PPPoE and VPN connections.

Also, thanks to our testers team we have significantly improved stability of the application and fixed the embarrassing kernel memory leak.

In this version we have completed the alpha-testing of OSSS under 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. We hope to bring some happiness to our users with support of this operating systems in very recent future.

As always, we are waiting for your suggestions and possible bug-reports.

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