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OSSS: Security Suite. Fourth public beta

15 Augu, 2009

For the recent six weeks we have implemented a number of new functions.

The first one to mention is automatic customization of rules via Security Master already at the program installation stage.

Starting with version v1.1, search for software in use is performed during the OSSS installation, whereupon the accumulated data are analyzed on our server and the set of rules for the detected applications is generated automatically.

Security Master Security Master Security Master

The safety level of an application is analyzed using the database of another our product Online Solutions Autorun Manager (OSAM), which contains information about tens thousands of safe and malicious applications. Thanks to excellent contribution of Julia (JM), the head of the Malware Analysis Department, our users no longer need to respond annoying requests during the first start of their computers - our server will do it for them!

Another new important feature is protection against keyloggers and mouse grabbers, which is an improved version of the previously implemented functionality. Currently OSSS detects any attempts to intercept control over keyboard or mouse thus protecting our users against banking trojans and rootkits, while stealing money through internet banking is one of the most common functions of malicious software.

Keyboard and Mouse Protection icons

During the several recent days we have completed testing the OSSS product on the Microsoft Windows Vista x86 (32-bit version) platform. We are glad to inform, that our product is now available for users of this operating system as well. It is worth mentioning that fourth Beta is the first Windows Vista-compatible public version of our product, which causes a set of known issues. In the closest future, we are going to put effort into resolving them and completing the functionality for work under Windows Vista.

Windows Vista

In OSSS v1.0 the self protection feature was included, so uninstalling the product required disabling the self protection module. The current version provides the possibility to turn self protection off during uninstallation. This will have no impact on the system safety level because this functionality will be unavailable for malicious software.

We keep working on the program interface and usability improvement. In the current version, formatting and data selection have been improved in activity dialog boxes. On no longer has to carefully read the entire text to answer a request, but only needs to take a glance at the window and make the right decision. Moreover, text scrolling is now available in the “Suggestion” and “Details” blocks.

Unfortunately, we have not had time to test the Russian localization, but we hope to publish the multi-language version in 2 or 3 weeks. If you are eager to be the first to see our program in Russian, you are welcome to contribute in testing it. Feel free to apply for the Russian version by the following e-mail address:

We are glad to inform all the numerous users of our Online Solutions Autorun Manager (OSAM) program that we have resumed this project after almost a year since the last release. For the recent six weeks we have considerably improved the code, sped up scanning, implemented the algorithms for analyzing FAT32 and NTFS partitions without using operating system mechanisms. In a few weeks we are going to release a new version of the product, which allows for detecting and removing practically all known malicious software that is beyond the power of most antiviral programs.

Here is another good novelty for our users. We are keeping on development of the OSSS server side, which will allow for implementing a number of new promising approaches to computer and user security. Within the closest months we are going to work hard in this direction and we need your help in checking the implementation of our concepts. If you are interested in becoming our beta-tester, contribute to the development of a complicated and high-quality software product, cooperate with inspired people, feel free to apply on participation in beta-testing by the following e-mail address:

The “Online Solutions” company is a small but very purposeful team that permanently seeks for and uses advanced methods and techniques. In our everyday work we target at improving our solutions that ensure computer and user security. Within a short period of time, our team managed to create a world-class product. However, we keep on improving and expanding the product functionality. What we want is to create the best product for your security!

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Remember that in order to update the OSSS v1.0 Beta (with self-protection) to the new version, it is required to disable a self-protection module before uninstalling v1.0 Beta, otherwise the uninstallation process will be simply impossible. Step-by-step manual is here.