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OSSS: Security Suite v1.5 (The First Official Release)

24 October, 2023

Today we are glad to announce the first official release of our flagship product Online Solutions Security Suite. It took us four years of hard work to reach this point. And now we can definitively say that we are proud of it.

I want to thank all contributors to this very complex product. You have granted us with very valuable experience in team communication, software development and testing process as well as in many other aspects. You’ve played a significant role in the process of getting a common understanding of how things should be done and how they should not be done. Our team is very grateful to all of you!

And of course I esteem and value contribution from everyone who has been faithfully moving to this goal step by step despite all challenges. It is you, the Online Solutions team who I mean. We have made OSSS from scratch. Very few believed that it might be possible to develop such a complex technological product having nothing in the beginning. But we did it! Of course we can see a number of challenging tasks in the future, but our achievements so far are definitely worth respect. I want to thank each and every one for his/her personal contribution and hard work. You are amazingly talented and self-motivated people that demonstrate best personality traits under enormous pressure. I’m enjoying working with you on ambitious and challenging problems. Thank you!

The official OSSS v1.5 release is our answer to many skeptics and another proof of the fact that there is nothing that cannot be done. We are proud of our innovative technologies; many of them are unique and it is the first time that they have been implemented. Now we are ready to shed some light on the product internals as well as the company life. In the nearest future we are planning to arrange a number of events to give some answers regarding the team structure and upcoming company goals. Specifically we are planning internal company reorganization in order to improve the overall team productivity and speed-up the development process in particular.

Also I want to thank our users and active beta-testers. Although these days only few people are eager to try really new products just for curiosity, fortunately we can see these people among our users. Thank you for all your feedback/suggestions both on the forum and via email.

There are a lot of improvements in OSSS v1.5. We have strengthened control over processes launch, significantly enhanced the file rule, added control over usage of potentially malicious COM- and OLE-objects, and many more (complete changelog). However today all these new features are still not that important compared to the very fact of the first official release.

In the future we are planning to make overall user experience simpler and smoother than ever, so our product might help not only really geeky people protect their computers and important data.

In the nearest future we are going to release a new v1.6 beta with some new features, a Russian UI, and an antivirus module OSAM: Autorun Manager (which we have temporarily switched off in v1.5).

Once again - many thanks to the team and all our users!

With best wishes, Online Solutions Security Suite project manager.