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OSSS: Security Suite. Fifth public beta

17 October, 2009

A new version of Online Solutions Security Suite (OSSS) - v1.2 - has been released.

Although version 1.2 does not contain many changes to the program core nor introduces numerous new functions and facilities this iteration nevertheless should be listed among most fruitful ones, as considerable effort has been invested in research activities.

During the recent nine weeks, more than 50% of total time has been spent on research, working out new requirements, and elaborating efficient anti-malware solutions.

The researches concerned DDE, OLE, LPC/ALPC/RPC cross-application interaction internal features as well as implementation of control over them. The results of these researchs will make the basis for further immediate significant improvements to the system security in a whole through further reduction of cross-process interaction.

A working prototype for notifying the user (with the possibility to create the relevant rules) on detected activities in the operating system before user is logged on has been implemented for Windows Vista and Windows 7. (For earlier platforms, this functionality has been implemented from the very first versions).

Besides that, OSSS v1.2 features visual notification. Currently, notifications only inform on the type of the license used. However, in the closest future the user will be notified on any significant events in the system, including denied attacks and blocked activities.


Since version 1.2, the Online Solutions Security Suite software has been chargeable. The prices will be published in the closes future. Upon the end of the trial period, which is currently 30 days long, further use of the software requires that you either purchase a license or acquire it for free.

One of the most significant and long-expected version 1.2 features is the Russian localization. We are glad to express our thanks to all those who participated in the localization process. Information on any translation inconsistencies or defects in is highly welcome at

Besides that, version 1.2 we are:

Regarding interface changes, version 1.2 provides tooltips in request dialog boxes. We are also planning to introduce some more cosmetic improvements in the closest iterations, which will make the product interface even more attractive and easy-to-use.

In the upcoming version 1.3, you will find various new facilities, among them integration with Online Solutions Autorun Manager (OSAM) and, probably Windows 7 official support.

I also would like to express my thanks to the entire team for their hard and fruitful work, shown persistence and firmness of purpose. Working with you, guys, has been very interesting and brought lots of fun. You are the best!

Best regards, OSSS project manager.
Online Solutions Team

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