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OSAM: Autorun Manager v5.0 - against rookits that hide their files!

11 September, 2009

As mentioned before, a few weeks ago we recommenced the works on our first public product, namely OSAM: Online Solutions Autorun Manager.

Releasing this, fifth, version of the product has turned hard for our company. For a number of reasons of different nature the release data had to be moved several times. However, we managed to brace up and - thanks to join efforts - finally released the new version of the product.

Now, greet OSAM: Online Solutions Autorun Manager v5.0!

The 5th version provides a unique possibility to detect and remove rootkits that hide their files on the hard disk. Hiding registry keys and files rootkit techniques are spreading wider and wider, so our company had nothing to do but invent and implement a solution for detecting and removing such malware. And we did it! OSAM applies algorithms that parse and the structure of file systems on hard disks without involving any mechanisms of the operating system and thus detects and removes almost all the known viruses and other types of malware.

Presently OSAM detects hidden files, in addition to detecting hidden registry entries, which allows for using it in detecting and removing newest and up-to-date viruses.

One-click removal of the Conficker (Downadup) worm using OSAM

One-click removal of the Conficker (Downadup) worm using OSAM

For a long time, our malware analysts have requested on improvements in processing of Windows .job files. Good news - version v5.0 features a fundamentally modified and improved the information retrieval method. This modification has significantly simplified detection and removal of viruses, improved and accelerated the procedure of adding information to malware databases.

Due to high popularity of our product among Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, a set of considerable improvements have been introduced into support of these operating systems.

Besides, we have reworked a large number of scanning techniques and data processing algorithms, fixed the known bugs, and implemented several helpful functions (please, refer to the complete list of updates).

We are sure that you will like the new version of OSAM: Online Solutions Autorun Manager as it will help you always keep your computer safe and sound!

We are glad to once again express our thanks to Julia (JM) for her patience, devotion to the company, and confidence of success! Hold on!

We are also glad to inform all users of OSSS: Security Suite, that besides the OSAM version 5 release, during the recent four weeks we have worked hard on the client-server interaction. This work has been very fruitful and resulted in serious improvements in the functionality, which we hope to present in a new version of the product, due in the near future.

If you use various software and would like to participate in beta-testing of our new secutiry techniques, apply for participation at the following address: