Company News

Company news

24.10.2023 The first release of OSSS is available - OSSS v1.5! More... »
31.12.2022 Happy New Year!
OSSS v1.4 is released. More... »
04.12.2022 OSSS v1.3 with ICS, NAT, RAW, DHCP support is released. More... »
12.10.2022 Join our Partner Programs! More... »
26.10.2009 Let’s make a maximum compatibility between OSSS and different Windows versions together! More... »
23.10.2009 Online Solutions Security Suite license prices published. More... »
17.10.2009 OSSS v1.2 with long-awaited Russian localization is released. More... »
11.09.2009 Long-awaited update of the OSAM: Autorun Manager v5.0. Now OSAM finds and removes rookits that hide their files! More... »
15.08.2009 The new beta-version of OSSS: Security Suite including long-awaited Windows Vista support. More... »
04.07.2009 The new beta-version of OSSS: Security Suite is released. Self protection system, request windows interface improvements. More... »