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What KernelChecker is and what it does


KernelChecker is a program that checks your version of Windows for compatibility with Online Solutions Security Suite software.

To provide the user with the best level of protection against all modern kinds of threats, OSPD, OSPF and OSSS software use a technique of low-level hooking of operationg system functions.

To implement it we need to collect information from several system files. These files can differ from one computer to another, depending on Windows versions and installed service packs.

Download KernelChecker (89kb)

How it works

KernelChecker checks if the information of your system files is taken into account in our products. If the information is not taken into account, it uploads the needed files to our server.

The program checks and if neccessary uploads to our server the following files:

These are system files of the operating system, that do NOT contain any private information. More detailed information about these files you can read under the following links:

User manual

KernelChecker user manual is available here.