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Since the beginning of the 21st century, the target of hackers’ attacks has drastically shifted: those were users’ personal systems and confidential information that came under a crushing blow. Each day brought about new botnets (zombie networks), network and email worms. Many websites started infecting computers.

By the middle of the first decade, a new niche of cyber crime had been created and many experienced individuals and groups eagerly filled it. This time gave birth to a plethora of absolutely new types of attacks. Incentives changed as well: from vanity to mercantilism. The time of pranks and showing off was over, followed by the era of well-planned theft of confidential information, intentional incapacitation of online services and massive spamming. Rootkit technologies were being actively developed, as well as technologies for the suppression of existing measures of security - anti-virus software and firewalls. All this required radically new technical solutions surpassing the level of the malicious code.

That was the wave that, in January 2006, made a group of young IT experts set a goal of creating software that would provide the highest level of security from all types of potential threats. That is how a young and innovation-focused company Online Solutions, Ltd was created.

And it was in August of the same year that the growing company relocated to a new business center in a calm district of northern Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The first eight months resulted in the creation of alpha-versions of our main products - a firewall and a proactive defense system. During that time, six more highly-skilled experts joined our team.

At the moment, the company consists of 19 staff members and is actively seeking new employees. We are a young team of like-minded developers and you have an opportunity to join us to partake in the creation of interesting new products. Being with us will allow you to put your most challenging plans into action, utilize your potential to the fullest and pursue your career goals. We are looking for result-oriented and knowledgeable people that believe in themselves and their success.