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Complex Protection for information systems
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Complex Protection
for information systems

About us

Our company "Online Solutions" was founded in January 2006 by a group of young and successful IT security experts.

The company’s primary focus is the development of comprehensive security solutions (for such information systems as home computers, workstations and corporate networks) intended for the protection from existing threats: unauthorized access to information, its modification or destruction.

We conduct ongoing research, analysis and testing of existing methodologies and strive to create new technologies in the area of information security. We also pay much attention to delivering secure systems to end users.

Our mission: make the world a truly safe place!

Special offers

Personal Firewall: OSPF

Personall Firewall: OSPF "OSPF" firewall - provides complex defense of user systems from all security threats.

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Proactive Defense: OSPD

Proactive Defense: OSPD "OSPD", the system of proactive defense - provides the integrity of software environment and blocks the activities performed by malicious code.

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